• Full-day Workshop (6 hours); 20 people; absolute max 25; must have lots of space, i.e. only two students per 8’ table. Crowding makes for less successful work. $500

• Half-day Class (3 hours) must be part of other teaching or lecturing. $300


• Lecture only; not scheduled as part of other teaching. $400

• Per continuing day; after one day workshop (no new presentation). $425

• Per continuing day with new presentation. $450

• Per additional lecture; given in addition to other teaching and/or lecturing. $300


Travel reimbursement, lodging and meals are due in addition to teaching fees. Accommodations must be non-smoking. Please take note: Jo only teaches at venues she can drive to. She no longer does teaching that requires airplane travel.


Contrary to current fashion, Jo can be contacted only by mail at 191 Ashmont Street, Portland, ME 04103. Or by telephone at 207-773-3405.

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