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In her workshops Jo teaches the method of designing that she uses, free-cutting without  patterns. Her many years of practice at both creating her own work and teaching, ensure good outcomes for participants. Jo is dedicated to sharing information and making her students successful.

All the workshops are based on free-hand cutting, direct designing and the combining of many layers of appliqué. The method is always the same, so you should think of Jo as a one subject teacher. The subject matter or focus of a workshop can vary, but the method does not.

Hand stitching is demonstrated in class, but any student who wishes to bring a sewing machine to do surface stitchery over the layers is welcome to do that. However, Jo is not competent to teach machine technique, nor is she qualified to adjust or repair machines. Bringing a machine is an optional choice for the student.

The workshops are best done in a full day session (six hours), but any one of them can be presented in a half day (three hours). In shorter workshops students design and cut but probably won’t get to sewing. Possible combinations (done in the same full day workshop) might include Landscapes and Fish – or – Landscapes, Fish and Flowers – or – Fish and Flowers.

All workshops are geared toward any ability level except for Advanced Landscapes, which is best for Intermediate and Advanced students.

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