Multi Layered Applique

A general presentation. You can request a specific emphasis: landscapes, flowers, fish, clothing and on special request, there can be an x-rated section…….slides from early New Mexico reverse appliqué work.

What ARE All Those Stitches Doing There?

Quilting makes the quilt; slides show successful solutions and give pointers to good patterns. The slides shown in this lecture require a completely dark room.

How to Have Fun Looking Around

A tongue-in-cheek photographic essay on living a visual life. Works especially well for groups which have a happy hour before program time.

Trunk Show

In addition to slide lectures Jo can present a Trunk Show, which involves the hauling of at least two suitcases and a portfolio or two, but to the delight of many groups, no slides.

Lecture Fees


About Lectures

Please note that all presentations are SLIDE lectures, no Power Point. Slides require a totally dark room. Antique quilts are included in the show and tell for the Stitches lecture and the Trunk Show. There is show and tell, usually after the lecture. Most programs are 75 minutes long, give or take as needed.


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